Intelligent Spec.

Understand what makes an ordinary looking bag an extraordinary piece of kit to take to work


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Stab Protection

Intelligent design has incorporated a KR1/SP1 knife and spike protection panel (Home Office Approved) in the rear of the Scout Bag. When used with the grab bars on the rear it can serve as a shield for protecting the client and self-defence for the operator. 

Medical Trauma Kit

        Contents include:

  • Gloves for personal protection
  • Face Shield for performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
  • Tactical tourniquet for early management of catastrophic limb haemorrhage
  • Nasopharyngeal airways for simple airway support
  • Russell Chest Seal to manage open chest wounds
  • Olaes Modular Bandage - an excellent wound dressing with further haemorrhage control features
  • Tuff Cut scissors
  • Blue Light stick to mark a casualty's location

User Friendly Design

With the user in mind we have designed the Scout Bag around you. Simple touches like the interior made of silver lining so you can actually see in it and locate the kit you require.

There are also thought out places for those essential items like; maps, iPad, radio, rescue me tool, passport, money, car charge/cables, pens/pencils, notebook, torch, 500ml water bottle. Just some of the enabling tools we require in the industry.

Micragard Fabric

The material used to construct the Sabre Scout bag is Micragard. This makes it particularly user friendly. Features include Anti-microbial, Fluid Repellent, Non-Rot Material, Fire Retardant, Impact Resistant, Aviation Standard and Thermo Care.

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